5 Easy Tips To Get Your Business Rolling On Social Media

Isn’t it absolutely unbelievable that how a doodle or video related to some brand goes viral
– Have you ever wondered how they are able to do this? No, it does not depends on some luck. It takes strategy, careful study of target audience over a period of time – what makes them click and what does not, taking a step back every time something goes wrong and implementing it correctly the next time.
If you want to increase brand visibility over social media, make sure you follow some hard rules to make sure your brand stays ahead of everyone on social media.
Here are some of the few tips and tricks for the same.


USAGE OF HASHTAGS - oliosolutions.com

It is a well-known fact that hashtags are useful to increase engagement among users, but it is equally important to know how to use the hashtags.
Use of more than 2 – 3 hashtags actually decreases the engagement among users. The perfect amount of meaningful hashtags which should be used are 2 – 3.

Research of what #hashtags are trending is also extremely important so that your posts gets some visibility.

Use of special characters is not at all useful in hashtags. Apostrophe, hyphen, commas, spaces should not even be in consideration however it might irritate you to get that perfect wording or sentence.

Thus #OlioSolutions can never become #Olio-Solutions.


USAGE OF INFOGRAPHIC - oliosolutions.comS -

Infographic is prepared in a simple way with a recipe of eye-catching graphics and statistics related to data and you would have everything a person wants in a single image. And people will make sure that they would even go at lengths to share the posts which have infographics in it.

Know what an infographic actually is by clicking here


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There are hundreds of social media sites present at this moment. But the content too varies largely with every social media.
It doesn’t make sense to post personal life events of your firm on LinkedIn, LinkedIn isn’t about how many likes you get on a particular post, but how your content is effective to start a healthy discussion on your post itself such that it stays visible for longer than one week.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are more like brothers and sisters. All of them engage people on an emotional level and business level at the same time. Posting pictures of early morning meetings will help your audience to connect to you at an emotional level and at the same time will tell that you are not hesitant to show your organization’s activities to the outside world. They help in driving traffic to your websites and give the required brand recall that your company wishes.

Pinterest is more of a business-oriented platform where the company engages customers by posting relevant information and posts related to its business. Always pin the relevant content, post blogs frequently and reply to the queries and participate in a healthy discussion with followers. Pinterest is a platform which works more on a creative front. The more creative and visually eye-catching your business is, the more it will help in your business.

Google Plus is a little ignored Social media platform nowadays, however it is extremely vital to keep the posts updated on Google Plus. Google plus is essentially important so as to maintain good relations with Google, as they would enjoy good support of Google, Of course the content should be relevant enough with your business.

Know how we use some of our social media profiles:


USAGE OF URL SHORTEN - oliosolutions.comERS

The main purpose of any business activities on a social media is not about the number of likes, shares, retweets, comments etc. Of course, they help in some way make sure that the business activities reach to more people, but the end result of all those activities should result in driving traffic to your website. The URL shorteners can help you measure the success of your post on any social media by providing a URL which can be tracked. The engagement, traffic resulting from social media can be then calculated in google analytics with the help of shortened URL’s.



The more frequently you respond to the users on your posts, the more the users start to trust you and your brand. Brands like Jio, Lenovo has a team wherein they reply to every query addressed on their social media post and pages and it also happens that sometimes that the problem gets resolved then and there itself. Such is the level of engagement of the companies with their customers. They treat them as the king and rightly so. Customers build brand more than the company itself. Customers talk. Why not use them as your unpaid salespeople?

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